Mary Skelter 2 Release Delayed to July 12 in Japan

Mary Skelter 2, which was originally due for release on June 28 in Japan, has its release date changed to July 12. This was announced today by Compile Heart and reason for the delay was due to “various circumstances.”

Compile Heart promises to compensate players with free content by giving the following presents:

  • A PS4 theme based on the Adventure game Romantic Prison Mary Skelter which is available as a pre-order bonus
    Will be published for free at PlayStation Store.


  • Swimsuit job DLC for all characters that can be used in Mary Skelter 2
    The release dates for these DLC will be announced at a later time in the official site & other places.


  • PS Vita version bonus jobs T-Healer, G-Assassin, JO-Singer, & Sakura Shrine Maiden in the remake of the first Mary Skelter: Nightmares
    Will be implemented in the game directly in advance.


Like the first game, the sequel is a collaboration between Dengeki Bunko/Dengeki Playstation, and Compile Heart.

Musical group Earphones is working with composer J. A. Seazer(Revolutionary Girl Utena) to perform the opening theme song “Witchcraft (Theofil no Kiseki).” Earphones is working with RUI & ROLLY to perform the ending theme song “Mirai Dorobō.”

Minutes light novel author Yomoji Otono is returning to write the story, and Dakei Naname (Death end re;Quest) is returning to design the characters.

No English localization has not been announced yet but only time will tell.

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