Video Game News-April 15, 2020


Phantasy Star Online 2 has left open beta and is now officially available for Xbox One via the Microsoft Store in North America. The PC version will launch exclusively from the Microsoft Store in late May with cross-play.

While Phantasy Star Online 2 is free-to-play, two paid versions containing in-game items are also available:

Ragol Edition ($29.99) – Microsoft Store

  • Phantasy Star Online 2 base game
  • Ragol Memory (×10)
  • Premium Set (30 Days)
  • AC Scratch Ticket (x12)
  • Mission Pass Gold Ticket

Sonic Collaboration Edition ($59.99) – Microsoft Store

  • Phantasy Star Online 2 base game
  • Sonic Suit M
  • Sonic Suit F
  • Sonic Hair 1
  • Sonic Hair 2
  • Emotes 602: Sonic/Tails
  • Sonic Knuckles
  • Sonic Mask
  • Ragol Memory (x5)
  • Inventory Expansion (10) (x5)
  • Premium Set (30 Days)
  • Mission Pass Gold Ticket
  • Salon Free Pass
  • Character Storage Expansion (50) (x5)
  • EXP Earned +150% (x15)
  • Triboost +125% (x10)
  • Grinder (x500)
  • AC Scratch Ticket (x12)
  • Great Enhancement Aid +50% (x99)

Phantasy Star Online 2 changed the history of online action RPGs; the sci-fi story, characters, and gameplay has resonated with gamers worldwide and now we’re excited to bring North American players this special game—for free,” said Fred White head of marketing for Phantasy Star Online 2 Team North America. “Our player community is the heart and soul of the game and we couldn’t have done it without their ongoing support and passion. Now that it is officially launched on Xbox One, we look forward to kicking off a fun-filled future of events, collaborations and expansions in the years to come!”

The North American launch includes fully localized text and character voices in English spanning three years of content. It also features the most-up-to-date balancing and quality-of-life improvements from the Japanese version. All progress from the beta will be carried over.

Sega is celebrating launch with the following in-game content:

  • Every day between April 15 to 23, ARKS Operatives will receive a special log-in bonus when they report for duty! The Half Scape Doll is able to sacrifice itself to revive players automatically if they become incapacitated on the battlefield – a real boost when fighting the Falspawn.
  • ARKS who join an Alliance with at least four members before April 28 will receive a SG20 Ticket (x1). And members of Alliances that have earned at least 5,000 Alliance Points before April 28 will receive the collectible emote #269: Impromptu Tea Party!
  • Two new Urgent Quests: “The Cunning Black Winged Vanguard” & “The False Champion: Luther the Fallen” begin this week.
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 Diva, Quna, returns for live concerts on Saturdays and Sundays!
  • The Cherry Blossom season is coming to Phantasy Star Online 2 with a new look to the renowned Franca’s Cafe! Certain ARKS Ship lobbies will also change their appearances periodically.
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 is one of the first games to be included in Microsoft’s new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks program! All Phantasy Star Online 2 players with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription will receive extra special goodies after their first log in, including an Xbox jacket and Xbox Controller accessory for their character to show off in-game. Additional Perks will be made available every month, such as bonus Half Scape Dolls and more.
  • The ever-expanding catalog of outfits and accessories to collect and mix-and-match continues to grow with the introduction of the Heroic Wanderer AC Scratch Ticket.

Here is an synopsis of the game, from the Microsoft Store:

The free-to-play online RPG Phantasy Star Online 2 has arrived on Xbox One!

As the player, you’ll join the ARKS task force of Oracle, an interplanetary fleet composed of four different races, and head out on an adventure to explore unknown worlds. With procedurally generated environments, unexpected events, and raid quests that a maximum of 12 players can take on at once, Phantasy Star Online 2 aims to provide a never-ending adventure that is always filled with fresh surprises. The action in this game is highly customizable, with jumps added to the series staple simple controls. Use one of gaming’s most powerful character creators to design and customize your own character, sign up as an ARKS Operative, and begin your Phantasy Star Online 2 adventure on the Xbox One!


Publisher Focus Home Interactive and developer Saber Interactive announced it will release a “Game of the Year Edition” of World War Z for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC from the Epic Games Store on May 5. It will cost $49.99 on console and $44.99 on PC.

World War Z Game of the Year Edition includes the full base game and all existing and upcoming content featured in the Season Pass, including:

  • New Episode – Three new player-versus-enemy missions in the French city of Marseille, with their own maps, story and characters.
  • Weapon Packs – The Lobo Weapon Pack, Biohazard Weapon Pack, Military Bundle Weapon Pack, new Last Aid Weapon Pack, plus one new upcoming weapon pack.
  • Character Packs – The Professionals Character Skin Pack and War Heroes Character Skin Pack.

It also includes access to the year of free content added to World War Z since its initial launch in April 2019, including the wave-based Horde Mode Z, Xbox One and PC cross-play, new player-versus-enemy missions and enemies, a weekly challenge mode, extreme six-skulls difficulty setting, and more, as well as a new playable class with a unique skill tree and abilities due out via a free update later this year.


Compile Heart has updated the official website for VVVtunia with details on the Heart Tune system and more guest Virtual YouTubers.

Get the details below.

■ Battle

Heart Tune

“Heart Tune” is performed through the bonds between partners. While activated, you will gradually recover the MP used for HP and skills.

The longer the activation time, the higher the recovery power, so it is quite a valuable tool for when you have run out of recovery items.

However, since you are unable to defend yourself during a Heart Tune, be sure to only use it when the timing is right.


■ Guest VTubers

VVVtunia is due out for PlayStation 4 on July 2 in Japan.


Publisher Compile Heart announced, Azur Lane: Crosswave‘s five downloadable content episodes with new playable characters will launch weekly starting April 20 and ending May 25 in Japan. Each add-on will cost 1,210 yen and a Season Pass containing all five add-ons will be available for 4,950 yen.

Here are the details, from the game’s official website:

DLC #1 – April 20

  • Playable Character
    • Taihou (voiced by Aoi Yuuki)
  • Full-Time Secretary Ship / Battle Support
    • St. Louis (voiced by Yoko Hikasa)
    • Dunkerque (voiced by Sayaka Harada)
    • Jean Bart (voiced by Marina Inoue)
  • New Story Mode Chapter

DLC #2 – April 27

  • Playable Character
    • Formidable (voiced by Rie Kugimiya)
  • Full-Time Secretary Ship / Battle Support
    • Zara (voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki)
    • ???
    • ???
  • New Story Mode Chapter

DLC #3 – May 11

  • Playable Character
    • Roon (voiced by Satomi Satou)
  • Full-Time Secretary Ship / Battle Support
    • Graf Zeppelin (voiced by Ai Kayano)
    • ???
    • ???
  • New Story Mode Chapter

DLC #4 – May 18

  • Playable Character
    • Le Malin (voiced by Haruka Shiraishi)
  • Full-Time Secretary Ship / Battle Support
    • Essex (voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi)
    • Baltimore (voiced by Minami Takahashi)
    • ???
  • New Story Mode Chapter

DLC #5 – May 25

  • Playable Character
    • Sirius (voiced by Ruriko Aoki)
  • Full-Time Secretary Ship / Battle Support
    • London (voiced by Naomi Mukaiyama)
    • ???
    • ???
  • New Story Mode Chapter

Compile Heart also announced version updates 1.03 to 1.05 will launch on April 17 in Japan. Here are the details, from the official website:

Version 1.05

  • Added support for downloadable content.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.04

  • Added support for downloadable content.
  • Adjusted the battle content that occurs in downloadable content.
  • Amended some typos.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.05

  • Added support for downloadable content.
  • Changed the camera angle on the results screen after winning a battle for when the main fleet is only composed of three ships.
  • Changed the name of various “M Isomers” to “M-I.”
  • Added information that can be checked in the “System” help screen.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Azure Lane: Crosswave is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam worldwide.


Developer Elden Pixels announced, Alwa’s Legacy will launch for Switch and PC via Steam this summer.  PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will follow at a later date. Sign-ups for a PC closed beta test are available now at the game’s official website.

“After one-and-a-half years since the success of Alwa’s Awakening, when we decided to quit our day jobs and go into game development full-time, we’re delighted to finally present Alwa’s Legacy,” said Elden Pixels game designer Mikael Forslind. “Alwa’s Legacy is the game we’ve always wanted to make, with an expansive game world to explore full of bosses, secrets and amazing platforming challenges. It’s been a tough journey but thanks to the pledges and support of our fans it has now been made possible.”

Here is an synopsis of the game, from Elden Pixels:

Alwa’s Legacy honors the past with its 16-bit inspired visuals, whilst offering a thoroughly contemporary take on the metroidvania genre—full of puzzles to solve, dungeons to explore, magical items to acquire and ancient secrets to discover. As players make their way through the adventure, new items and a character upgrade system allow them to craft their own playstyle, centered on an offensive, defensive, or explorative character build. The world design is open-ended too, offering players multiple paths to explore at any one time. By mixing beautifully classical pixel art aesthetics with some new visual flourishes such as a realistic lighting system and modern game design principles, Alwa’s Legacy offers a timeless play experience.

After saving Alwa following the events of the first game, Zoe embarks on a quest back home. However, upon waking up it seems she is back at the beginning of her adventure and the world is familiar yet different at the same time. In order to make it back home, she will need to help the inhabitants of this mysterious land and save it yet again from whatever mysterious curse it appears to be under. Zoe must navigate the land of Alwa using her magic staff to solve perilous puzzles and fend off monsters. By upgrading her magic, multiple pathways can be found as you explore the nonlinear interconnected world by summoning blocks to climb on, bubbles to bounce off of, and lightning bolts to attack with. Quick reflexes are needed to traverse challenging rooms while avoiding booby traps and pitfalls. Along her adventure, Zoe will meet all manner of interesting characters, comb through dangerous dungeons, and uncover incredible secrets as she attempts to save the land from extinction.

This is Elden Pixel’s second game after their homage to classic 8-bit platforming adventures, Alwa’s Awakening, which received rave reviews from the likes of Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Nintendo World Report, and Nintendo Enthusiast. Fans were so enthused by it that Alwa’s Legacy was funded on Kickstarter with 924 backers offering SEK 250,000 to see its production come to fruition. Though set in the same world with the same protagonist, Alwa’s Legacy is not a direct sequel to Alwa’s Legacy, but rather a standalone experience which can be enjoyed separately.

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