Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Update Version 1.5.1, latest DLC out this week, and a new Rare Blade

The next Xenoblade Chronicles 2 update was announced by Nintendo and Monolith Soft.

Version 1.5.1 is dropping tomorrow July 27, along with new DLC Expansion Pass quests and the New Rare Blade Crossette will be featured as part of this.

Here’s a further breakdown of what’s on the way:

1. Final quest pack includes 5 new quests, 3 of them involve a number of Rare Blades, the last one involves KOS-MOS and Shiki (Adenine):

  • Booster’s Sunken Ship (Available after Chapter 3)
  • Master Craftsman’s Accessory (Available after Chapter 7)
  • The Popular Pastry Chef (Available after Chapter 8, must have Rare Blades Gorg and Boreas.)
  • Hot Spring Vacation In Mor Ardain (Available after Chapter 10, must have Rare Blades Sheba, Kora, and Kasandra with Lv. 3 One Lucky Gal.)
  • Mysterious Activation Code (Available after Chapter 10, must have Rare Blade Adenine with Extra-Ancient Wisdom Lv. 5.)
  • Issues Fixed
  • Fixed an issue with the Expansion Pass Challenge Battle, “Humanoid Alliance” preventing play from proceeding from one wave to the next.
  • Changes and New Features
    • The Skill RAM “Shackle Blade Resist” I – V have been added as parts you can create via Poppiswap.
    • The ability to acquire the Rare Blade, Crossette is now available via the Expansion Pass.
    • A core crystal is available that will guarantee bonding with Crossette. Crossette possesses the following characteristics:
      • Weapon type: Ball
      • Element: Fire
      • Role: Recovery Crossette
    • The difficulty levels “Bringer of Chaos” and “Custom” have been added to the game options as a means of supporting your adventures in the Expansion Pass content.
      • With the difficulty level set to “Custom,” a maximum of 10 parameters related to battle such as enemy attack power and max HP and Party Gauge Gains can be adjusted as you see fit.
      • Selecting the default settings when using “Custom” difficulty will be equivalent to playing at the Normal difficulty level.
      • These additional difficulty levels are not available when selecting difficulty for a New Game. After beginning the game, they will be available in the game options under “New Difficulty Levels.”
    • The difficulty levels “Bringer of Chaos” and “Custom” have been added to the Challenge Battle: Nopondemonium in the Expansion Pass.
    • The ability to change the battle music when fighting unique monsters to the track “You Will Know Our Names” from the original Xenoblade Chronicles has been added to the game options in the selection “Special BGM.”
      • To listen to this alternate music, you must first have one of the characters Shulk or Fiora in your party. (Shulk and Fiora are available via the Expansion Pass)
      • This functionality is added automatically by updating the Expansion Pass and is set to “Enabled” by default.
    • Nopon crystals can now be exchanged for additional items in the Challenge Battle: Nopondemonium, available via the Expansion Pass.
      • In addition to items that will slightly alter a character’s outfit, there are now also items that will improve Tora’s “Idea” level.
      • Select “Gift from Zuo 2” then “Nopon Invitation” after choosing Expansion Pass on the Main Menu to make these additional items available.
    • Check marks have been added next to any items you already possess when viewing the item list while exchanging Nopon crystals for items in Challenge Battle: Nopondemonium.
    • The difficulty of the Expansion Pass Challenge Battle, “Attack of the Aspar” has been adjusted.
      • Yackle Aspars, who appear when playing on Easy will get a smaller amount of HP when leveling up.


Source: Nintendo’s Official Website.




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