Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Customizable Difficulty Options Discovered by Dataminers

Thanks to it’s Season Pass, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has been receiving a various amount of DLC all year, leading up to the release of the Torna DLC Story on September 14th. Likewise, the Dataminers, have also been at it all year, discovering some DLC features before they were officially announced. It appears it has happened again today as hackers have found customizable difficulty options, which will probably be added to the game at some point in the future.

Datamine Difficulty Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Based on the Image above, these difficulty sliders allow you to customize the game’s challenge to a great degree, ranging from enemy and party damage and party gauge gain to the chain attack damage multiplier and loads more.

As always with Datamining, please keep in mind that this hasn’t been officially announced yet and might very well change till its official release, or it might not be released at all.

Big Thank You to the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Reddit Discord.


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