Xenoblade Chronicles 2: How to get Shulk and Fiora in Alrest

As we all know Shulk and Fiora are playable only through challenge battles, but in order to bring them to Alrest a certain item is required to bring the two over. That Item is called “Alrest Linkring” and here is how to find it.

Alrest Linkring Xenoblade Chronicles 2

So to Obtain the Alrest Linkring you must complete a certain challenge. That challenge is:

Dino Drama.

  • Time Limit 60:00
  • Waves 5
  • LV Restriction 99
  • Blade Powers: None
  • Driver Restriction: None

Synopsis: Dinosaur Big, dinosaur strong! More dinosaurs, more-more strong!… But tiny ones that buff maybe biggest danger

Dino Drama Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Suggestion: Use Driver Artes and Specials that have AOE because the Main Dinosaur will summon minions that are mostly lv 96 and can wipe you out very quickly.

Updated Suggestion: Seal the Reinforcements using a Level 3 Dark Special then take out the remaining minions and blitz the boss.

That’s it. Hope this was helpful to and enjoy the Update.


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