Game Updates: Sushi Striker, Don’t Starve-Switch Edition and Pillars Of Eternity II Deadfire

The First Update for Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido is now Available.

Sushi Striker

VR 1.0.1 is a small update that adds various fixes to the Game.


Next is Don’t Starve: Switch Edition.

Don't Starve Nintendo Switch Edition

VR 1.03 fixes a various amount of the game. The Fixes are as followed:

– Fixed a crash that could occur when sailing through the fog in Shipwrecked.
– Fixed a rare crash when Bearger was looking for food.
– Fixed a rare crash with farm plots.
– Wickerbottom’s book wasn’t visible in some games when she read a book.
– Fix for intermittent crash when catching a boomerang.
– Birds of the World book could lead to a freeze when it couldn’t find a place to spawn a bird.
– Character doesn’t randomly run anymore.
– Fix for seasons sometimes changing when leaving the Volcano
– Fixed rare crash when closing inventory


Finally Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Cover

VR Added New Features Such As:

  • Intro Skip Added
    • There is now a Start & Skip Intro button that brings the player directly to the second level of the game.
    • This feature becomes available after you have played through the intro once, or loaded a save (after getting the update).
  • Veteran & PotD Balance Improvements
    • Armor and Penetration now scale up on PotD.
    • Many encounters have had units swapped out for tougher versions.
    • Some encounters have had units added or set to ambush the party during the encounter.
  • Additional Custom AI support and updates:
    • All Conditionals have now been categorized in the Custom AI menu.
    • The AI Toggle button on the ability bar now supports cycling through: Attacking while using Abilities, Attacking while not using Abilities, and Not using AI.
    • The following actions can now be conditionalized in Custom AI: Using Consumable quick slot items, Activating Modals, Switching Weapon Sets, and Basic Weapon Attacking.
  • Ship Resupply
    • A  new “Refill Ship Supplies” button can now be used to conveniently purchase ship supplies from any storefront that sells Medical Supplies, Cannon Shot, and Repair Supplies.
  • World Map Legend Added
    • A new Map Legend has been added that allows all icons on the World Map to be filtered by category.
  • Character Appearance Improvements
    • Character Appearance can now be changed in-game via the Appearance button on the Inventory screen (Player and adventurers only).
    • Character Hairstyles are now rendered naturally with some Hats.
    • Eye Color customization has been added.
  • Graphics options expanded
    • Six new toggles have been added to the Graphics menu to enable/disable certain visual features including Weather Effects, Lights, and Combat Text.
  • News Feed Updated
    • The News Feed on the Main Menu has been revamped to include links to the latest articles, DLC, and social media.

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